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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

BONUS! Whole Dream Team bullying :o

Many people assume Pumpchkin is probably the sweetest nicest girl to ever join MSP! Haha sorry but if you think that you have been sadly mis-led. Proof above.

Many people see Kylie just like Pump so sweet and kind and yeah that stuff. Ehh you have been mis-led again if you think so. :o Proof above.

People also think of Cutestuff just like Pump and Kylie (so innocent and kind) haha bullsh:x Cutestuff is bullying because some dude left the team but isn't she the one who "claims" to be against bullying e.e

Vivi is a big mean bully, who acts like she is the victim of bullying, bullsh:x as well.  We already know that but, did you know Vivi bullies her own supporters? read the picture and you will definitely figure it out 
Donnie, Tana, Blaze etc. like to stay behind the scenes and watch when there are more people around, but when there are less people involved they show up because they want less hate. Not many see them fight anymore but your proof is right there ^^^ if you can't read, click the picture

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Monday, February 17, 2014

If you try to make peace

Earlier I was coming across a wall and well I saw this girl who was trying to make peace on pump's wall and AJ lee star's wall and a bunch of other "known" porter walls. This girl ended up attacking her because she was trying to make peace... what the hell?

Be sure to comment how you feel ;P

Ruthless Porters-

Sometimes we give the dream team too much credit for their hate, as a matter of fact it is not just them but their porters for instance their little follower rockondude12345, there are many porters like her that love to criticize, bully, hurt, etc. other people and what I am showing you down below is what happens to everyone on MSP because of "Pumpchkin's Porters" 

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

To Date A High Lv Porter You Must...

Do you guys know Cristiano Ronaldo and Kylie Kardash? Those two are dating haha. I feel bad for little Cristiano though the things he had to do to date Kylie. You know the rubbish Pumpchkin says about how she doesn't send her porters to attack or "defend" or in other words "BULLY" well its a lie. In fact if it isn't pump then it would be her faithful sidekick Kylie. Those porters that are bullying on walls specially the boys it is mostly people like the first page porter girls sending them :x Here is your proof. Actual messages from Kylie to Cris before they were dating :o 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Wishing Happy-Bday

I do not get it. Team Pump wishes death like crazy, but they make this big issue because "Jordan Smither" from moviestarplanet wished "AJ lee star" happy birthday. How in the world is that wrong? Only team pump though. My pictures will say the rest. It's all in order. 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Cutestuff. Supports Bullying! (:

Yup believe it or not. The little innocent cutestuff. does support bullying. Hard to believe right? I command my picture to talk xDDD but foreal heres your proof u.u

Pump's Favoritism or...

Pump's favoritism or she is blind? Pumpchkin wouldn't shut up saying how her porters bullying are fakes and she will talk to them after it right? Vivi called this girl all kind of names and when she told pump...just let the pictures talk u.u Hats off to this girl for still being Team Pump though.